10.00 – 11.30

-Smoothie with banana, greek yoghourt, strawberries, chia seeds, mint, agave syrup (N) 4.40
-Millet porridge with coconut milk (butter/jam) (N) 4.20
-Bacon omlette with fresh salad (N) 5.30
-Herb omlette with fresh salad (N) 4.90
-Shrimp sandwich with poached egg and avocado (N) 7.80
-Salmon sandwich with poached egg and fresh salad (N) 7.80
-All day breakfast (fried egg, lightly salted salmon, shrimp and celery salad, cherry tomato salad, roasted potato croquette, grilled bell pepper cream cheese, curry hummus, avocado, arugula and quinoa salad, Bekker Bakery’s sourdough bread) (N) 11.90
-Grilled sandwich with Vöner (Bekker bakery sourdough bread, Vöner vegan kebab, parlsey aioli, Kongo farm sauerkraut, fresh salad, parsley oil, vegan Cheddar cheese) (V, N) 6.90
-Grilled Cotto ham sandwich (Bekker bakery sourdough bread, Cotto ham, salted cucumber, Chipotle aioli, Gouda cheese, remoulade, fresh salad, Kongo farm sauerkraut) (N) 6.90
Tea / Earl Gray, Black Assam, Gunpowder, Green jasmin, peppermint, Ginger energy, Rooibos, rosehip, kurkum, nettle, Milky Oolong, Fireweed, Vitality 3.00
Coffee 3.00
Espresso 2.50
Double Espresso / Cappuccino / Caffe Latte 3.50
Chai Latte 3.40
Cocoa 3.40
Irish Coffee 8.00
Cappuccino / Latte with oatmilk 4.00
Turmeric latte with vanilla and oat milk 4.00
Blögi / ginger, lemon, honey 3.50
Bulletproof coffee 4.00
Frozen coffee Vanilla / Caramel 25 cl / 40 cl 4.00 / 5.00
Cold Brew coffee x collab with Brick Coffee Roastery 5
V- vegan, N-nut free