10.00 – 11.30

-Smoothie with Romaine lettuces, cucumber, banana and almond milk (G,L,V) 4.00
-Oat-linseed porridge with banana and fresh berries (with butter/jam/honey) (N) / with oat milk 3.50 / 3.90
-Caucasian omelette from three organic eggs with herbs, Parmesan cheese and fresh salad (G,L,N) 3.90
-Omelette from three organic eggs with smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese and fresh salad (G,L,N) 4.30
-Shrimp sandwich with poached organic egg and avocado (L,N) 6.20
-All day breakfast (fried egg, cold-smoked salmon, shrimp and celery salad, tomato salsa, roasted potato croquette, grilled bell pepper cream cheese, hummus, avocado, rucola and quinoa salad, Bekker Bakery’s sourdough bread) 9.50
-Grilled lavash with fried organic egg (N) 3.90
-Grilled lavash with chicken and bacon (N) 4.90
-Grilled lavash with cold-smoked salmon and avocado (N) 5.50
Tea / Coffee 2.50
Espresso 1.90
Double Espresso / Cappuccino / Caffe Latte 2.90
Chai Latte 2.90
Cocoa 2.90
Irish Coffee 7.00
Cappuccino / Latte with oatmilk 3.50
Turmeric latte with vanilla and oat milk 3.80
Blögi / ginger, lemon, honey 3.50
Bulletproof coffee 3.90
G- gluten free, L- lactose free, V- vegan, N-nut free