-Snack platter (for two): Parma ham, crispy bread, beef liver pâté, olives, artichoke, Gouda with sundried tomatoes and olives, goat cheese with coriander and fenugreek, smoked perch and cream cheese spread, fig jam (N) 15.90
-Deep fried smelt: grilled lemon, lime leaf mayo (N) 7.50
-Salmon tataki: fermented pickles, fennel salad, aioli, ponzu sauce, caviar, kervel, olive crumbs, sesame seeds (N) 10.20
-Grilled goat cheese: brioche, pesto, roasted figs and grapes, raspberry vinaigrette, fresh salad (N,VE) 9.40
-F-hoone Caesar salad: romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, baguette chips and roasted onion crumbs. With chicken or prawns (N) 9.80
-Asian style beef slices: red cabbage salad, lime leaf mayo, walnut glaze, crispy buckwheat, spring onion, coriander 10.20
-Caramelized chicken livers: apple and onion chutney, spicy pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (N) 8.90
-Congo potato salad: marinated Blue Congo potatoes, beetroot, oyster mushrooms, parched pickles, horseradish cream, puffed rice, (VE,N) / vegan option available 9.40
-Sweet potato fries: parmesan and herbs (N) 4.80
-French fries: parmesan and herbs (N) 4.80
-Loaded fries: piquant pickles with chilli, marinated ginger, tomato salsa, Cheddar sauce, coriander (N) 7.80
-Truffle mayo (P) 1.50
-Cucumber and herb remoulade (P) 1.50
-Sriracha mayo (P) 1.50


-Tom Kha Gai with portobello (N,V), chicken or prawns (N): coconut milk, green beans, carrot, portobello, coriander, sesame seeds, chilli, herb oil, tuna flakes, spring onion 6.90
-Add rice (optional) 1.50


-Grilled sandwich with pork: brioche, pulled pork, caramelised onion, Cheddar, piquant pickles with chilli (N) 8.40
-Grilled sandwich with pesto and mozzarella: brioche, pesto, semi-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, fennel salad with Caesar yogurt dressing (N,VE) 8.40


-Meat dumplings in creamy mushroom sauce with roasted onion crumbs and herbs (N) 15 pcs / 25 pcs 7.20/9.20
-Slow-cooked duck shank: red cabbage sauerkraut with orange, lingon-berries, roasted sweet potato, roasted carrots, gravy, sage (N) 16.90
-Nasi Goreng: basmati rice, chilli, garlic, red onion, carrot, leek, egg, cayenne pepper, kecap manis, fish sauce, spring onion, sesame seeds. Served with tiger prawns or chicken. (N) 10.40
-Salmon fillet: potato confit, tapenade, caramelised butter sauce, herb oil, fennel salad (N) 14.90
-Pumpkin and chickpea falafel with quinoa salad, avocado, bell pepper, roasted onion crumbs and cashew cream (V) 11.70
-Furger: dark bread burger with an Aberdeen-Angus veal cutlet, red cabbage, Sriracha aioli, Cheddar cheese, tomato, roasted onion crumbs. Served with home-made fries or fresh salad (N) 13.70
-Vegan Furger: dark bread burger with Vöner kebab, beetroot hummus, parsley and chilli aioli, tomato and red onions. Served with sweeet potato fries or fresh salad (V, N) 13.70
-All day breakfast (Bekker bakeries sourdough bread, fried egg, lightly salted salmon, shrimp and celery salad, tomato salad, roasted potato croquette, grilled bell pepper cream cheese, curry hummus, avocado, arugula and quinoa salad) (N) 12.50
-Breaded cauliflower: olive and sesame seed coating, fennel marinated with curry, spicy almond flakes, herb aioli, fresh salad (N,V) 11.80
-Crispy chicken: Belgian waffle, red cabbage coleslaw, piquant pickles with chilli, maple syrup (N) 11.90
-Creamy gnocchi in pesto sauce: bacon, pesto, cream, semi-dried tomatoes, parmesan, chives (N) / available without bacon (N,VE) 9.80


-Creamy chicken pasta (N) 6.50
-Meatballs with potato puree and cream sauce (N) 6.50
V- vegan, N- nut free, VE - vegetarian


-Quince posset: white chocolate almond cookie, gooseberry compote (VE) 5.60
-Flourless truffle cake with ice cream (N,VE) 5.20
-Eclair (VE) Ask for selection! 3.50
-Cheescake with fresh berries (N,VE) 4.30
-Vegan blueberry cake (V) 5.40
-Raspberry brownie (VE) 3.50
-Lemon cake (N,VE) 4.40
-Chocolate and mascarpone cake (VE) 4.70
-Honey cake (P,VE) 4.90
-Sorbet (V,N) or ice cream (N,VE) 1.80