-Cheese platter (for two): sourdough bread, olives, Brie, Gouda with sundried tomatoes and olives, goat cheese cream, fig jam, roasted chickpeas and bread chips (V) 12.50
-Grilled goat cheese with brioche, Cheddar, tomato salsa and olive crumbs (N) 8.40
-Zucchini carpaccio with marinated fennel salad, aioli, cashew and pomegranate seeds (V) 7.20
-Grilled sandwich with Vöner (Bekker bakery sourdough bread, Vöner vegan kebab, parsley aioli, marinated cabbage, fresh salad, parsley oil, vegan Cheddar cheese) (N,V) 3.90/5.90


-Coconut curry soupp with portobello: carrots, portobello, rice noodles, onion, sesame seeds, coriander, lime (N) 4.90


-Pumpkin and chickpea falafel with quinoa salad, avocado, bell pepper, roasted onion crumbs and cashew cream (V) 10.40
-Vegan Furger: dark bread burger with Vöner kebab, beetroot hummus, parsley and chilli peppers aioli, tomato and red onions. Served with sweet potato fries or with fresh salad (V, N) 12.70
-Mushroom risotto: portobello, champignons, boletus, onion, Parmesan cheese, white wine (N) 11.90
V- vegan, N- nut free