–Selection of bruschettas: with grilled bell pepper and goat cheese; spicy aubergine and herbs; roast beef and tomato salsa; shrimp and celery salad (N) 6.20
-Grilled goat cheese with yellow beetroot chutney, praline and fresh berries (G) 6.50
–Marinated tofu cheese tempura with panko crust, soy sauce, avocado and truffle mayonnaise (L,N,V) 7.20
–Burrata cheese with cherry tomatoes, strawberry-mint salsa and olive oil (G,N) 5.80
–Salmon tataki with seaweed salad, rice noodles and Ponzu sauce (G,L,N) 7.50
–Steak tartare with anchovies, shallot onion, egg yolk, baguette and horseradish cream (N) 7.70
–With beer: vegetable tempura, garlic bread, cheese balls and kimchi mayonnaise (N) 6.90
–Snack platter (for two): hard goat milk cheese, Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese, cheese with fenugreek, Salame Romana salami, Salame Ventricella salami, Parma ham, marinated cucumbers, pickled artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, horseradish cream, pickled garlic with chili pepper, fig jam, hummus, mustard (P) 11.00


-Choice of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radish (G,L,V,N) 2.90
–Dressing: French vinaigrette (G,L,V,N) / pesto (G) / Caesar (G,N)/ raspberry vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar (G,L,V,N) / homemade mayonnaise with red hot chilli peppers and garlic (G,N) / Ranch (G,N)
–Extra toppings #1: grilled boneless chicken thigh (G,L,N) / cocktail shrimps (G,L,N) / marinated tiger prawn with chilli and garlic (G,L,N) / Parma ham (G,L,N) / roast beef (G,L,N) / cold-smoked salmon (G,L,N) / goat cheese (G,N) / marinated tofu (G,L,V,N) / grilled vegetables (G,L,V,N) 2.20
–Extra toppings #2: Parmesan (G,L,N) / grilled bell pepper (G,L,V,N) / 5:10 egg (G,L,N) / red lentil hummus (G,L,V,N) / beetroot pesto (G,L,V,N) / olives (G,L,V,N) / avocado (G,L,V,N) / pickled artichokes (G,L,V,N) / sun-dried tomatoes (G,L,V,N) /dark bread chips with seeds (L,V,N) / fresh strawberries (G,L,V,N) / sugar snap peas (G,L,V,N) 1.60


-Spicy coconut soup with mushrooms (L,V,N) and salmon (L,N) / shrimps (L,N) / chicken (L,N) 4.30
–Miso soup with tofu, sugar snap peas and salmon (L,N) 4.90


–Mutton dumplings in creamy mushroom sauce (N) 15 pcs / 25 pcs 4.80 / 7.20
–Grilled aubergine with tomato-lentil stew and ricotta-truffle salsa (G,N) 7.80
–Pumpkin and chickpea falafel with rocket-quinoa salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, sugar snap peas and cashew cream (G,L,V) 8.90
–Pasta with shrimps, garlic, chilli and white wine sauce (L,N) 8.50
–Vegan Furger: dark bread burger with vegan kebab, beetroot hummus, parsley and chilli peppers aioli, tomato and red onions. Served with sweet potato fries (L,N,V) 9.50
–Furger: dark bread burger with an Aberdeen-Angus veal cutlet, bacon, rocket- spinach salad, tomato, parsley and chilli peppers aioli, red onions and Cheddar cheese. Served with home-made fries (N) 9.80
–Lamb meatballs with black lentils, oven baked aubergine, tomato salsa and creamy truffle sauce (L,N) 9.80
–Pilaf with beef (G,N) 8.50
–Salmon fillet with almond potato, green pea puree and beurre blanc sauce (N) 10.90
–Grilled boneless chicken thigh with romaine salad, early potatoes, marinated red onions and chilli-tomato salsa 8.90


–Eclair with peanut chocolate / with rhubarb and white chocolate 2.80
–Cheesecake with fresh berries (N) 3.80
–Crème Brûlée with praline and sorbet (G,L) 4.00
–Chocolate cheesecake (N) 3.80
–Black currant meringue roulade with almond flakes (G,L) 3.50
–Strawberry-rhubarb crumble cake 2.80
–Lime and cashew raw cake with coconut whipped cream and berries (G,L,V) 4.80
–Tartlet with cream cheese and raspberries (G) 4.00
–Sorbet (G,L,V,N) or ice cream (G,N) 1.60
–Kale smoothie with pineapple (G,L,N,V) 3.50


-Creamy chicken pasta (N) 3.50
-Meatballs with potato puree and cream sauce (N) 3.50
G- gluten free, L- lactose free, V- vegan, N- nut free