09.00 – 11.30

–Kale smoothie with pineapple (G,L,V,N) 3.50
–Oat-linseed porridge with banana and fresh berries (with butter/jam/honey) (N) 2.50
–Caucasian omelette from three organic eggs with herbs, Parmesan cheese and fresh salad (G,L,N) 3.20
–Omelette from three organic eggs with smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese and fresh salad (G,L,N) 3.50
–Shrimp sandwich with poached organic egg and avocado (L,N) 5.90
–Grilled lavash with fried organic egg (N) 3.50
–Grilled lavash with chicken and bacon (N) 3.90
–Grilled lavash with cold-smoked salmon and avocado (N) 4.50
–Choice of lettuce, tomato, cucumber (G,L,V,N) 2.90
–Dressing: French vinaigrette (G,L,V,N) / pesto (G,L,V) / Caesar (G,N) / Ponzu (L,V,N) / kimchi aioli (L,V,N)
–Extra toppings #1: chicken Yakitori (P) / grilled tiger prawns (G,L,N) / grilled salmon skewer (G,L,N) / Parma ham (G,L,N) / freshly salted salmon (G,L,N) / Esko farm fried cheese (G,N) / goat cheese (G,N) / Vöner kebab (L,V,N) 2.50
–Extra toppings #2: Parmesan (G,N) / zucchini noodles with kimchi (L,V,N) / poached organic egg (G,L,N) / grilled bell pepper (G,L,V,N) / avocado (G,L,V,N) / olives (G,L,V,N) / baked yellow beetroot with garlic and rosemary (G,L,V,N) 1.80
–Extra toppings #3 quinoa (G,L,V,N) / Beluga lentils (G,L,V,N) / strawberries (G,L,V,N) / hummus (G,L,V,N) 1.30
–F-hoone reccomendation: choice of lettuce, kimchi aioli, chicken Yakitori, zucchini noodles with kimchi, quinoa, Parmesan 10.30
Tea / Coffee 2.50
Espresso 1.90
Double Espresso / Cappuccino / Caffe Latte 2.90
Chai Latte 2.90
Cocoa 2.90
Irish Coffee 7.00
Cappuccino / Latte with oatmilk 3.50
Turmeric latte with vanilla and oat milk 3.80
Blögi / ginger, lemon, honey 3.50
Frozen Macchiato Vanilla/Caramel 3.70 / 4.80
G- gluten free, L- lactose free, V- vegan, N-nut free